Do You Want Whiter Teeth? What You Need To Know First

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That bright white smile you see on movie stars and models isn't something that only celebrities can have. Whitening your teeth is an easy, painless process that can boost self-confidence and give you the smile that you've always dreamed of having. That said, it's common for patients to feel confused... Read more »

Improve Your Oral Health by Improving Your Diet

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You are what you eat. This couldn't be truer when it comes to your oral health. What you eat will affect your oral health, so if your diet lacks essential vitamins and minerals, you may have issues with cavities, sensitivity, gum disease, stains or other issues. Read on for tips... Read more »

4 Habits for Cavity Free Check-Ups

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Wouldn't it be nice to go to the dentist with confidence, knowing that your chances of having a cavity are next to zero? People who never get cavities have more than just luck on their side. They make daily choices that protect their teeth, enjoying lower cost dental care and increased tooth... Read more »

Pregnant? 5 Things You Need to Know About Dental Care

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Expecting a new addition to your family?  Congratulations!  Now, let's talk about how we can help keep you comfortable all the way to your delivery date and beyond.  Some women avoid seeing the dentist while pregnant. However, dental procedures during pregnancy are safe, according to a recent study published in the... Read more »

Was It Something I Ate? Foods and Beverages That Cause Tooth Discoloration

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What to Expect: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

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The very idea of getting your wisdom teeth removed might make you nervous. Fortunately, you're working with an experienced dentist who has successfully extracted hundreds of wisdom teeth.   Before you schedule your surgery, it may put you at ease to educate yourself about what to expect before, during and after your... Read more »