Are you an athlete that participates in high-intensity or contact sports? Are you experiencing pain in your jaw or headaches in the morning? If you answered, “yes,” you may be in need of a dental mouth guard. Used for a variety of purposes, mouth guards are dental appliances used to protect your smile and treat dental conditions caused by jaw irregularities. During sports, athletes are often faced with the possibility of injury. For those of you who like to play soccer, football, basketball, baseball, or wrestling, just to name a few, we provide protective mouth guards in Anchorage, Alaska to help you play and perform without fearing for your smile. Our caring dental team will make sure your mouth guard fits properly and is comfortable to wear.

Another popular type of mouth guard available is a custom-made night guard. Night guards are used to treat snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorders. Most night guards gently push the lower jaw forward during sleep to help keep your airway open and prevent your teeth from grinding and clenching at night. At Advanced Family Dental Care, the entirety of your oral health is important to us. We encourage you to contact Dr. Dustin Wilde, our practiced dentist, today to discover how mouth guards and night guards can help improve your overall health.