If you experience frequent tooth sensitivity, you may consider this tenderness normal. However, most sensitivity points to an oral health problem, such as gum recession. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this problem in a relatively easy way. This process is called pinhole therapy.

What Is Gum Recession and Tooth Sensitivity?

Gum recession occurs when the gums pull away from the roots of your teeth. This common dental issue can occur as the result of gum disease, certain hormonal changes, age or incorrect brushing.

Whatever the cause of your gum recession, you will likely need treatment to alleviate the effects of tooth root exposure. Often, patients experience higher rates of tooth decay on exposed teeth as well as sensitivity to extreme temperatures and sugar. Gum recession can also disqualify you from certain procedures, such as traditional braces.

Pinhole Therapy Versus Traditional Grafts

Most dentists address gum recession through gingival grafts. During this process, the dentist removes tissue from the roof of the mouth and grafts the tissue into the gumline. At Advanced Family Dental Care, we use cutting edge pinhole therapy to restore your gum tissue. Pinhole therapy bears more similarity to laparoscopic surgery than grafts. The procedure involves loosening and repositioning gum tissue through a small needle hole. Once the tissue is in place, Dr. Dustin Wilde injects a small amount of collagen to help the gum tissue hold its shape.

Pinhole therapy has the following advantages over traditional grafts:

  • Faster healing time due to reduced soft tissue trauma and a single incision site
  • Lower cost
  • Low-risk and minimally invasive
  • Short procedure time, sometimes as short as one hour

Think pinhole therapy might help you wear a brighter smile? Contact our dental office in Anchorage, Alaska, at 907-561-1330 to schedule an assessment. Our dentist can provide expert diagnosis and treatment to address your gum recession concerns.