Do You Struggle With A Constant Dry Mouth? These Treatments Might Help

Dry mouth may not seem like it's a serious problem, but it can impact your life in a negative way. Saliva is important for several reasons, and when your glands don't produce enough of it, you can suffer from side effects such as gum disease, cavities and even difficulty swallowing... Read more »

4 Habits for Cavity Free Check-Ups

Wouldn't it be nice to go to the dentist with confidence, knowing that your chances of having a cavity are next to zero? People who never get cavities have more than just luck on their side. They make daily choices that protect their teeth, enjoying lower cost dental care and increased tooth... Read more »

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Side of Candy for Your Teeth

Sweets hold a special place in our culture.  Popular festivities built around holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Easter often include eating handfuls of suckers, candy canes, and jelly beans.  But constant candy consumption can have a serious impact on your teeth and oral health.  If you're not careful with the... Read more »

How’s Your Mouth? 5 Signs of Poor Oral Health and How to Combat Them

  Your oral health changes just as frequently as any other aspect of your overall health. Stress, medical conditions,and poor oral hygiene can contribute to a less-than-healthy mouth.  So how do you know when your oral health enters a slump? And how do you boost your mouth's health? In this post, we... Read more »

3 Conditions Your Dentist Might Spot Before Your Physician

You may have heard the phrase, "the eyes are the window to your soul".  But have you ever thought that your mouth could be the window to your overall health? Health experts and researchers have discovered a direct relationship between your dental health and systemic diseases. As many health complications start with... Read more »

Pregnant? 5 Things You Need to Know About Dental Care

Expecting a new addition to your family?  Congratulations!  Now, let's talk about how we can help keep you comfortable all the way to your delivery date and beyond.  Some women avoid seeing the dentist while pregnant. However, dental procedures during pregnancy are safe, according to a recent study published in the... Read more »

Was It Something I Ate? Foods and Beverages That Cause Tooth Discoloration Has this ever happened to you?  You check the mirror to see if there's something stuck in between your front teeth. As you lean in for a closer look, there's some obvious discoloration on your enamel. Instead of a sparkling, white smile, you notice that the color of your... Read more »

What to Expect: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The very idea of getting your wisdom teeth removed might make you nervous. Fortunately, you're working with an experienced dentist who has successfully extracted hundreds of wisdom teeth.   Before you schedule your surgery, it may put you at ease to educate yourself about what to expect before, during and after your... Read more »

5 Oral Health Travel Tips for Kids

You round up your kids and reveal the surprise you've been planning for months:it's time for a vacation! Then pack up, head to the airport and make your way to your family's dream destination. You pull up at the hotel and make yourselves at home. But it's been along day... Read more »

How You Hurt Your Teeth While You Sleep-and How to Stop

You know a lot about how to protect your teeth from decay.  But did you know there are other threats to your dental health? Even if you take great care of your mouth during the day, you might not realize how you're harming it at night.  There are three main health... Read more »