SureSmile® Aligners: An Orthodontic Solution in Anchorage, Alaska

Here at Advanced Family Dental Care, we proudly offer orthodontic treatment for minor misalignment issues. We can straighten your teeth with a new technology known as SureSmile clear aligners.

SureSmile orthodontic treatment uses a unique-to-you series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth. This technology is an alternative treatment to normal orthodontics, which use metal brackets and Damon braces. SureSmile aligners usually allow teeth to be straightened in a much shorter period and at a much lower cost than traditional methods. Also, since the aligner is completely clear, you’ll be the only person who knows you’re wearing it.

Our dental professionals at Advanced Family Dental Care want you to have a treatment that’s affordable and comfortable, and SureSmile aligners are both.

Who Can Use SureSmile Clear Aligners?

The SureSmile system is ideal for addressing a wide variety of dental spacing issues. While SureSmile clear aligners can be prescribed for just about anyone with teeth that are slightly out of place, they cannot solve all orthodontic problems. In some cases, teeth are misaligned to a degree that makes SureSmile clear aligners insufficient. Severe problems with your bite may require more traditional treatment.

When you visit Advanced Family Dental Care, we’ll discuss your options to see if SureSmile clear aligners are right for you.

How Do SureSmile Aligners Work?

After consulting with you about your goals and taking some measurements to identify the best approach for your case, our dentist will create a series of custom sets of clear aligners to progressively straighten your teeth. SureSmile clear aligners fit snugly but snap out easily when you eat, brush your teeth, or switch sets as your alignment improves.

Dr. Dustin Wilde partners closely with you through the entire process, providing key guidance to ensure maximum treatment effectiveness. Regular office visits will allow us to monitor your progress, minimize any discomfort that may occur with orthodontic treatment and celebrate your increasingly beautiful smile with you!

SureSmile clear aligners are just one of the many treatments we offer at our Anchorage, Alaska, clinic. Our office team and Dr. Dustin Wilde practice both professionalism and kindness towards our patients and welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. If you want to know more about SureSmile clear aligners, schedule an appointment and consultation at 907-561-1330.